Thursday, November 27, 2008

80 years of thanksgiving

it is my grandma pick's 80th birthday today!

it also happens to be thanksgiving.

my uncle roger drove down from missouri to suprise her!

we got the whole thing on camera: noise makers, hugs, smiling, and then her face of suprise when she saw my uncle. it was so sweet.

i asked my mom why we didn't throw her a birthday party.

my mom said she wanted to, but all her friends are dying so the party would be small! so WEIRD. right now, all my friends are getting engaged, then the baby phase will start, i cant imagine the death phase...

dang andrea, way to get morbid.

thankful to be alive. happy thanksgiving!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

i got hit on today...

SO, I am at the Toyota dealership getting my oil changed.
They said it would take approximately 40 minutes.
So I sit down at a table and do some stuff for school.
In the middle of my studies I say, "Hey self, you need to use the restroom!"
So I go to the bathroom, do my thing, and when I come back there is a foreign piece of paper by my stuff...
It is a tiny piece of paper ripped off of a bigger piece of paper and it says...

If you ever feel like talking hit me up.
You left b4 I could say hi!

....and yes, he said "b4"...

HAHAHA. What a moment.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"you can vote however you like"

Obama V McCain.
Obama wins.
I am experiencing history.
Whether I voted for him or not,
I think this is a special time.
I can't help but smile.