Monday, June 18, 2007

office work - haven't gone bazerk

the San Juan Mountains - the Los Pinos River - hot summer days - cool summer nights - yummy food - kids laughing - twinkling stars - vunerability - spirituality - crushes - the distraction of crushes - struggles - exhaustion - encouragment - love - cotton blizzards - paint parties - trash the hut dances - two steppin - competition - being challanged - being called - investing in lives - getting cranky - rock climbing - river rafting - back packing - fly fishing - mountain biking - the adventures on time off - funny friends - butterflies - running - answering phones - dealing with mail - attempting to be organized - talking on the intercom - praying with friends - missing home - missing people - the joy of getting mail - the joy of the Lord
-Kanakuk Colorado 2007 - I'm LOVING it :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

pondering true love in the a.m.

it is a late night again.

for no reason really. i was at the library past midnight, but now it is 3:49 and in between getting ready for bed and finishing Pride and Prejudice, hours past and here i am with two cans of diet coke and a tall cup of coffee in my system that is currently keeping me quite awake.

i am meeting with my boon taylor in 4 hours. 8 o'clock a.m. i love wednesday mornings. there is something about pursuing the day that is rather responsible. i like being responsible, considering that it doesn't happen too often.

The movie tonight reminded me of a Donald Miller quote:

"i heard once that real love doesnt ask what is in it for me; it just gives unconditionally. it just tries to take the weight out of somebody else's pack, lessen his load, and if it gets reciprocated, that's great, but that isnt what you did it for."- Through Painted Deserts

In the movie, Mr. Darcy goes out of his way to take the load off of the Bennet family...or to directly quote "take the weight out of somebody else's pack, lessen his load..."He states later in the movie that, "surely you must know, i did it all for you" as he was speaking to Miss Elizabeth. He was not expecting a response or a reaction. He simply did these things out of love. True Love. He was not in it for himself, but only for the betterment of her life.

Love that is true. Will i ever know it? Shall i ever comprehend its depth. It seems to be a beautiful thing to give, give, give out of love and expect not ONE thing in return...Oh to love someone so much that you would do anything for them and that alone would be enough...that alone would be fulfilling. One day.

Until then, i shall learn to love unconditionally. Not thinking, "what's in it for me" or any other selfish motives but to love wholeheartedly - a divine interaction with my thoughts and my actions shall allow my loving to be easier. For Jesus loved reguardless. I have conditional tendencies, but with the help of the spirit, i can experience True Love.

it is now 4:02. i am going to attempt to sleep. sleep deep to my mind. oh yes :)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

wart medicine. good conversation.

My knee is fine. PTL!

it is currently 3:06 a.m. on a thursday. i cannot sleep for the life of me. i think it is because i drank coffee at 9:45ish...ya, probably so...too bad i have no homework to do.

got coffee with joy tonight.
BT with hiller and warren.
lunch with taylor, molly, and hiller.
deep cleaned the house.
skipped tennis class.
got pony tail holders and wart medicine.

it was a productive day. i learned alot from conversations...for instance hiller was talking on the BT and said "i try to treat everyone special because they ARE my brothers and sisters, i mean i try to..." and that just tied in with what ann langhorne was saying...about making people feel super special.

we have the ability to make or break a person. we have that power. we can either slam their self esteem or boost their ego to the max. let's make everyone feel like a super star. i mean, why not?

the colors were really pretty outside today...i like life.

Friday, March 16, 2007

busta move. busta knee.

spring break 07.

st. patricks day.

woo hoo!

all this celebration. all this hype. it's kinda funny. people will be eating/drinking green things all day. but why? i don't really get it. ha!

went to keystone this break with klife. drove a big charter bus. 22 hours. sheesh. but it was so much fun. it felt so good to be around all those people. high school was so funny and it just took me back.

however, there was one thing i was not expecting to happen during this the first 15 minutes of skiing, i got caught in some powder, took an ugly fall, felt my knee twist, had to be skiing down the mountain on this sled-like thing. i looked like a dead wrapped up corpse. it was hysterical. but ya, it's the same knee that i tore my ACL on. so i am guessing it was just a little weak? i dont know. but i got an MRI wednesday night and now we are just waiting for the results...i really hope this does not lead to surgery...i really really really hope...

second blog. first post.

I used to have a blog...a xanga...but i think it is about time for something here i am...we shall see how it goes...