Thursday, April 12, 2007

wart medicine. good conversation.

My knee is fine. PTL!

it is currently 3:06 a.m. on a thursday. i cannot sleep for the life of me. i think it is because i drank coffee at 9:45ish...ya, probably so...too bad i have no homework to do.

got coffee with joy tonight.
BT with hiller and warren.
lunch with taylor, molly, and hiller.
deep cleaned the house.
skipped tennis class.
got pony tail holders and wart medicine.

it was a productive day. i learned alot from conversations...for instance hiller was talking on the BT and said "i try to treat everyone special because they ARE my brothers and sisters, i mean i try to..." and that just tied in with what ann langhorne was saying...about making people feel super special.

we have the ability to make or break a person. we have that power. we can either slam their self esteem or boost their ego to the max. let's make everyone feel like a super star. i mean, why not?

the colors were really pretty outside today...i like life.

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