Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the day I turned my cell phone off

Do you ever have a day off of work that actually turns into anything but a day off?

...errands, calling people back, catching up on email, plans to do (fill in the blank). . . .

These are all fine and dandy things, but they can consume your day and keep you from really resting. I have those days all the time, which is WHY I decided to take a REAL day off: I was not scheduled to work at Starbucks today, I had no appointments with my clients - Just a day to do whatever I wanted. And to make sure that happened, I turned my cell phone OFF!

BEST DAY EVER. A day where I was free - free from obligation and free to do anything I wanted. I simply slept in, read outside in the rocking chair, cooked yummy foods, painted, went for a run by the Platte River. . . it was delightful. . . and VERY needed.

Sure I might have been a flake for a day, but I'm okay with it :)

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