Friday, February 6, 2009

Peeing In Public

Funny story of the night:

The fam is in town.
We go out to eat.
Nice restaurant.
Great food.
Great conversation.
I need to go to the restroom.

I'm on the toilet.
A woman walks in.

woman: "Are you as full as I am?"
me: "Are you talking to me?"
woman: "Ya!"
me: "Well, actually I'm not too full...comfortable though. Are you full?"
woman: "Oh my God yes. I am stuffed!"

I get out of the stall and see this middle aged blonde chick. She is pretty and super friendly. I am just going along with her conversation and chatting it up. As I start to wash my hands, this lady out of no where pulls down her pants and starts going to the bathroom....right in front of me...door wide open...oh and our conversation is still going...

This is normal?

Do I look at her...Do I talk to her...errr...HELP! WHAT DO I DO?!? I just tried to ignore the fact that a complete stranger was peeing right in front of me. After a few more words we bid our farewells and I walked out dying with laughter...

Talk about challenging your social norms...

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bellamush photography said...

andrea that is hilarious, i most likely would of laughed really hard. why didnt she close the door? that is very odd.. and kinda emberessing, i alone have a hard time peeing infront of ppl, especially ppl i know, well its the same for ppl i know and dont know. . . hahah member at laurens? that was soo funny..

if u dont member jus ask
love ya!