Monday, February 16, 2009

Prank Gone Bad

This Friday night Jenne and I were feeling random, as usual, and decided to stop by Aaron and Anthony's house.

When we got there, we saw a TON of cars. They had a party and didn't invite us!? Rude. So we decided (well actually I decided) that it would be a fun idea to bang on the front door and run. So we did.


No one answered.

So, we walked around the entire house and banged on every single window. We were really obnoxious and loud.

No one answered.

Maybe they aren't home?

As we were standing by the front door deciding what to do next the front door opens, "What the heck are you doing!?"

I immediately sprinted to the back of the house to hide. I circled around until I could see who the person was. The first thing I saw was Jenne, squatting in the grass like a lawn gnome. The second thing I see is a bunch of people we do not know gathered on the front porch of this house.

"Aw it is just a bunch of girls!!!!!!"

These people were terrified. For all they knew, we were some gangster people trying to break in.

" I am sooooo sorry we thought this was someone else's house. I am sooo sorry!!!"

We scared the crap out those people. I still cannot believe that actually happened. so funny.

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