Sunday, March 1, 2009

SING 2009 and Graduate School

Saturday night. Last moment to ever be on stage. I screamed when I hit our final pose. It felt so good to give it my all and to soak in that last performance.

We made PIGSKIN! We yelled so loud and hard, as if we didn't think we would make it (which was a definite possibility ha.) I am so thankful. I feel okay leaving ChiO now, knowing the future is bright. The talk of the campus is, "How in the heck did Pi Phi not make Pigskin?" Oh SING drama...

In addition to getting into Pigskin, found out this Wednesday that I got into grad school at the University of Denver. I am going to go visit in early April with my parents. Waco V Denver. Where will I be? I have a decision to make! At least I have options...

The unknown is exciting!

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