Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Know Where I'm Going

During my Senior year in high school after I decided I was going to Baylor, the University sent me a t-shirt that said "I Know Where I'm Going" - They send that t-shirt to the entire incoming freshman class...I have no idea where I placed that shirt

All that to say, four year later, "I Know Where I'm Going" again....

I am going to the University of Denver to get my Masters in Social Work!

I am glad I finally made a decision. I am excited, but still a little torn. Knowing I had a chance to stay in Waco, yet consciously made a decision to leave, makes me feel a little guilty. I would never want to leave the people here. However, I am confident in my decision and am excited to be stretched professionally...and be in Colorado :)

I know where I am going and it feels SOoO good.....

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