Saturday, July 18, 2009

Denver = my new home

Welcome to my crib in Denver, Colorado! I cannot believe I actually live here! So I have been here for about three weeks or so now. My mom road tripped with me from OK to help me move in; so thankful for that. Since I dropped her off at the airport and said goodbye, school has started, papers have been due, and I am an official grad student. Even though the course load is demanding, I love it. Social Work is what I want to do, so I REALLY want to learn this stuff. I am currently at Kaladi Coffee, a coffee shop near campus. The baristas are complimenting an older adult's new hair cut and making her feel like a rockstar. She is eating it up. Anywho, I am loving Denver. I must say, having a roommate here is SUCH a blessing; I would be crazy lonely without her. People make life more fun, I am convinced. In addition to Rachel, my roommate, I have a few friends from high school, Baylor, and Kamp. So, I am quite thankful for these connections and relationships here in Denver. They are making this transition 100 times easier :)

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