Thursday, September 10, 2009

hey visitor

Since summer classes ended and my second summer break began, I have had a few friends come into town for a little weekend visit. It has been fun getting to tour Denver with them, seeing that I am new to the city too.

Jessica/the sister came over Labor Day weekend. I equate "time with my sister" to "napping" - both are extremely relaxing and refreshing. I cried when I picked her up from the airport, cried when I dropped her off, and laughed A TON in between. I love my sister.

SHLEY! Ashley came into town and pretty sure I laughed the entire time. This girl makes my heart happy. Good to have someone in town that really knows me.

Meet Chris. He is one of my best friends from high school. We have KNOWN each other since 2nd grade, but his only memory of me was how I made milk come out of my nose one day during lunch. I WAS a BIZARRE kid.
Activities: We went to Red Rocks, some factory (te-he), moseyed around Boulder, hopped on a PediCab and participated in Tour de Fat (bike parade - people dress crazy - 2nd favorite memory made in Denver so far), ate at Bump-and-Grind (waiters dress like drag queens & act rude), napped, watched tennish ha, hung out with my friends in Denver, aaaannnndddd....a lot of other random things. When you are with Chris, you never know what is going to happen next...

Time with Caliece is always filled with good conversation, full of vulnerability and vision. We used to meet once a week to talk about life; I miss those mornings with her. Good times.


stephanie Daniel said...
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stephanie Daniel said...

awww. you + chris are just the best.